MY BEAM PTY LTD is a labour hiring agency providing its best recruit all over Australia. We are expert in supplying best and reliable staff on Permanent or Temporary basis for Industries we cover.

We have four separate labour hiring businesses and offices under MY BEAM to look after different sector of Labour hiring market.

MY BEAM PTY LTD is all in one service providers for your factories, farms, seasonal sheds, dairy farm, and offices which will look after a lot of vacant positions in your company. We always act thinking about the future and do our best to fill any positions at the exact time it is vacant. Do remember us either you need any assistance in reasonable priced contracts or in need of small to large number of staffs. Leave this stress with us, it’s our business to provide qualified staff to appear at your work place every day according to your request.

Be the part of a growing and non-stop evolving LABOUR HIRE AGENCY which understands the labour market like nobody else. MY BEAM PTY LTD will be your proud Labour supply agency which will not only take burden aways from you but also helps to scale your business. We are the expert of this field so don't regret no choosing our service.

MY BEAM PTY LTD is a qualified Labour Hire supplier which has been sending its best recruits in urgent and large numbers around Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe, and Asia. We can understand arranging rosters; hiring staffs according to the required qualification, pay arrangement, connecting and contacting large number of staffs are one of the headache subjects for any company. This pressure can be shared if company Hires a qualified and experience Labours Hire Company who not only provide you with your qualification worker but also take care of regulating the number of staffs according to your demand.

MY BEAM PTY LTD can deal with recruitment processes and handling its staffs for you with your day-to-day coordination. Our staffs are work insurance covered, police checked, previous long term experienced, punctual, licensed according to work position, unsupervised working ability, working rights holder and team friendly workers. Our 20,000,000$ public liability insurance will help your company to cover the unfortunate damage done by the staffs. We also provide you with cleaning staffs along with processing and field workers to make your production line, offices, and premises clean and safe.

With the growth of covid-19 pandemic and unbalance in labour market, Companies like yours are having difficulties finding wright candidate for your business. Even though youfind someone, its highly likely that you will lose staffs quickly that will compel you to hire more staffs wasting your time, money, and business. Things are very different this year and might stay same for coming many yearsas statics shows that there are more jobs and lessstaffs. So where are those staffs? Almost more than 15000 + Full time staffs are working with us for clients like you. 5000+ Casual workers are currently active and assisting businesses like yours.

  • Hard to find stable/experienced staff?
  • Staff you have not showing up at work.
  • Wasting money on job aids and promotions?
  • Paying huge amounts to your HR team?
    • Costing a lot on insurances and taxes?
    • Time consuming doing accounting, Hiring/Firing, and shift management?
    • No flexibility on staff management when needed? and so on...….

Above were few problems Companies faces now. Either you are a small companies or multinational company, you need staff, and we are sure that you already experienced these problems or are facing or will face in coming days. So, what is the solution? and who can assist you to take staffing and management burden away from you? Our dedicated and experienced team from MY BEAM PTY LTD Trading as MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE will solve your problem



Staff Handling / Rostering

  • Above average and legal salary to staffs send to your workplace
  • Rostering will be done by us saving you some extra time and burden
  • Work cover and Public liability insurances will cover any misfortune with or from our staff at your workplace
  • Flexible number of staff send to your workplace according to your direction

Accounting and payment

  • Employees will be paid from our work, so you don't have to pay extra such as: superannuation, payroll taxes, insurance costs, HR team cost, allowances, paid leaves and so on...
  • Flexible payment options of our invoices as we accept wide range of payment method

Recruitment and HR

  • Free recruitment and HR service as we only charge you per hour per labour basis
  • Only experienced and proper background/resume verified staffs are hired
  • Proper replacement of absent staffs immediately to save your workplace pace
  • Staff will attend site visit, induction and interview with your supervisor or you before starting the job along with free trail up to 4 hours on first day

Contract type and discounts

  • No-lock in contract facility(cancel at any time with 7 days notice)
  • Big discounts for lock-in-contract(minimum 6 month)
  • Flexible in contract amendment benefiting both parties
  • Contract will be governed by the state government of your business

Weekly bonus/Referral bonus

  • Weekly winter bonus offer(one year for 4 month) will save you upto 20% per weekly invoice
  • Weekly discount offer for hiring minimum number of staff will save you upto 10% per weekly invoice
  • Referral bonus upto 50% discount of your weekly invoice for 4 regular week if our service is referred to another business


Whether you are a small or large company, we allow you the flexibility to plan for any type of workforce you need. If your company is having a slow week, inform us that you do not need as many workers. We will place more people on call, and you will not waste money on unnecessary Labour. If your company is small and looking to expand, We allow you to virtually grow overnight. Big contracts can come in with little warning, and you need to have the Labour force ready to go. This will allow much smaller companies to plan for much bigger contracts and expand their businesses


During peak season, you need a well-trained staff to meet your company’s demands, but what about in the off seasons? You do not want to pay for Labour you do not need, and you will not use, but you might feel uncomfortable firing so many people when you may need them again sooner rather than later. MY BEAM PTY LTD offers the benefit of being non-committal. You can increase and decrease your force as needed, and you do not have to keep employees on for a set amount of time. This also works in your favour. If one of the Labourers does not seem to get along with your company, you can request your Agency not send that Labourer next time. One-off assignments okay Some assignments only come around once or twice a year, and the workload requires double the usual staff you have. When MY BEAM PTY LTD, your expanded workforce will be ready to go, and after the job is complete, you no longer have any obligation to keep the extra Labourers on call.


The hiring process is long and sometimes complicated. Your human resources department advertises for new Labourers, and then spends hours and hours checking CVs, interviewing candidates, calling references, and performing background checks, and after all that, the new Hire quits a month later. This s a frustrating process, but if you are working with our Labour hiring Agency, they take care of this step for you. You no longer have to worry about turnover rates or reference checks. All of this is handled by the Agency


Not all companies have an easily understood payroll schedule. Managing sick and holiday time as well as adding up timesheets can be especially difficult for hourly employees and keeping track of an expanding and contracting Labour force can be difficult. All staff questions and issues are handled by the Agency. We file all the paperwork, and your Labour force will go to them with any payment questions. You do not have to worry about making sure everyone’s pay cheques are correct. You simply handle paying the Agency. At first glance, Labour agencies seem like they charge exorbitant amounts for work that you could do internally, but when you look at the actual costs, you are getting much more out of the small added cost. You no longer must worry about the hiring process, and you can easily expand and shrink your workforce almost overnight. A great hiring Agency like us might be just what you need to take your business to the next level.