Staffs are our first preference as without you we cannot operate. We want you to work with us either for CASUAL,TEMPORARY, PARTIME, FULLTIME OR ON CALL. With our ability to provide you your desire job all around Australia, Most of the staffing market revolves around our website.

MY BEAM is an Australian owned, multi-specialist recruitment and labour hire services provider to a broad range of industries, including:

Competitive salary :-

We believe staff need to be paid more than the market value per hour during work. Which is why we have attractive salary for you in any job. The salary depends upon the type of industry and nature of employment type. Whichever the way!, you are receiving more than average people are making going through us.

Flexible timing and work :-

Are you free only 3 days a week? Or is it 5 days a week? What ever the case is, we have enough job for your requirements. Just donot forget to mention your availability while applying for the job, We will let you know about it.
Any day off to take?; No problem its just 24 hours notice to us.

Job near to your place:-

Our website have job search feature through where you can easily find the available job near you home. Save of time, travel money and safe! Just use the location filter and keep on selecting your state, city, suburb. If the result doesnot appear then try increase the search by city .

Weekly payment:-

Are you a subcontractor rather than an employee? Well!, we have many jobs for you. Depending upon your choice eligible staff or subcontractor receives payment through Tax file number of AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS NUMBER.
You can access your payment account to update your account details and personal details at any time.

ABN and TFN payment method:-

Our website have job search feature through where you can easily find the available job near you home. Save of time, travel money and safe! Just use the location filter and keep on selecting your state, city, suburb. If the result doesnot appear then try increase the search by city .

24/7 Customer service facility :-

We ensure that our staffs are being treated at workplace in legal and right manner. We donot tolerate any bad behaviour to our staff or vice versa. Work place is for work and every one must respect every single other person. Complaints will be investigate and which ever the position the complainer holds, HE/SHE will work with no drama at workplace.

Monthly chance to win ‘best employee of the month’ Award:-

Being a company that inspires employees to feel workplace as comfort and sense of achievement if you outsmart other employees at similar position, you deserved to be recognised and awarded. We always receive weekly report of your behaviour, pace of work , quality of work and previous work history to our ADMIN. Our admin decides to award the employee performing better with certificate and Cash bonus.

Referral bonus if you refer a friend for the work :-

If you want to earn some extra as a bonus by referring a friend for a work with us, This is a chance for you. We will guide you how to refer your friend for working with us. Please note!, That, Your friend has to work with us for you to get the bonus.

First step:-

You need a unique referral code of yours. This code will let us know who you are and how many referral have you done. This code will tell you how many hours of bonus have you gather either from direct referral or from a chain referral. Do not forget that you will receive the bonus of the person you even did not referred. This is called chain referral, for more information about Chain referral please email at

How to get unique referral code?, You must have received the code on your email from if you are currently working or previously worked with MY BEAM, MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE, MBL HEALTHCARE STAFFING OR MBL CONSTRUCTION STAFFING. If you haven’t got it then please call us now at, 0452418314 or email us at, with subject “referral code needed’. Do check your payslip for ‘employee id’ which is your ‘referral code’

Now you have referral code!, You have now 4 different steps to refer someone.

A direct call to us:

You can ring us at 0370369230 or email us at with the contact details of your friend or family who is keen to work with our company. We will call them , If they are suitable for role and joined the role, You will be paid every week.

Telling your referral code to your referred person:

You can simply tell your friend your unique referral code. When they fill the form or when they call us , we always ask if they have been referred by some one. If we got your code from them, Then boom! You are part of our referral programme only when your referred staffs worker with us.

Fill the form:

You can actually click on the link button provided in this section at the button and fill in the details of yours and the person you are referring to. Once the form is submitted, we may call or ask them to apply for the role.
You will be paid if they comes to work.

Link :-

Through our website:

Simply visit to and go to STAFF REFERRAL SECTION on home page. Login with your unique referral code. You will be able to see your referred number, chain referral number and total amount you are making from referral. You can check on live view, the amount being accumulated and paid to you every week. You can simple fill the form and refer any one from the same page.

MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE, is introducing a unique way to engage you and your family or friends to work with us for long terms. We will be providing 1$ and hour bonus to the total hours worked by your referred staff every week on top of your salary. This referral bonus will be sent to you until your referred staff works with us.

By using the unique referral code provided above, you will be able to access your referred staffs' hours per week.


If you refer more than one staff, you will receive 1$ per hour of each staff you refer. For example; If you refer 3 friends in any work with us all around Australia, you will still receive 1$*3 staff =3$ an hour on top of your salary. The amount is paid out to you every week along with your salary.

Terms and Conditions:-


The person you referred if also refers someone, then you still will be receiving half of what your friend receives!.

For example; If you referred Person '1' . And person '1' referred person '2' .

in this scenario Person '1' will receive 1$ an hour for referring person '2'.

But you will also get half of what person '1' got by referring person '2'.

That means you are receiving 0.50$ per hour for the person you never referred. This means the more chain you have the more you earn.

Terms and Conditions:-

All previously mentioned conditions +

  • If chain breaks, then you won't be receiving the bonus for the chain referral. For example. If the person you referred left the job with us or became disqualified for the role, you will no longer receive either direct bonus or chain referral bonus related to the disqualified person you referred.
  • You will still earn the half of what your referred person earns from referring someone else until the chain is infinity. For example:- You referred Person '1', person '1' refers person '2', Person '2' refers person '3' and so on. If person '3' gets 1 $ for referring person '4' , then person '2' gets 0.50$ per hour for 'person 3 referring person 4'. Now, person '1' will get 0.25$ per hour still for person '3' referring person '4'.

High chance of promotion at work :-
Looking for a company who will not only look at the amount of time you worked with them but also looks at the extra quality and talent you have. We generally increases your payment level every 3 month to inspire you and keep you motivated. Position level promotions also have higher chances as most of the new staffs within 3 month are working as supervisor and team leaders.

We are looking for you not less than following industries to work :-




-Kitchen hand

-Chef & Cook

-Waiting Staff

-Bar & Beverage staff

-Front office and Guest service


*Tour Guide

*Travel Agent/Consultant

Trade & Services

-Cleaner/House keeper


-Building trades

-Carpentry & Cabinet making

-Automotive trades

-Gardening and -Landscaping


-Welder and boiler maker


-Handy man

-Security services



Manufacturing, Transport and logistics




-Assembly and process worker

-Machine operator

-Warehouse storage and distribution

*courier,Driver,Postal service

*Road transport

> Freight/Cargo forwarding

Construction -Contract Management


Being a responsible and renowned Labour hire agency, We always take care of our staff payment to make sure our staff feel excited to work with us. We always pay more than the average rate allocated by law to make sure staff will be happy with the pay rate and work with us.

We pay our staff in Food Industry on weekly basis with payslip on Monday and pay transfer on Tuesday. Any eligible sub-contractor involved in YOUR INDUSTRY receives pay on fortnightly basis. MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE is transparent to the Payment provided to the allocated staff at your location, so that you can trust and never have to doubt if staff are receiving regular and appropriate pay on time.

MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE always implies with current Fair work condition being a responsible Labour hire. Our Payroll department and HR department make sure, every one is treated fairly on payment terms.

We care about our staff safety which is why we always have updated insurance policy for them. We make sure appropriate staff is send to relevant job. Our safety department ensure the staff at the work place is provided proper safety equipment and dresses to perform relevant operation at your workplace. Our supervisor if presented at the work site always monitors the safety and PPE condition of other staffs. Supervisor if not presented, we regularly follow up with our staff to make sure they have safety first and work later.

Our site supervisor regularly monitors and safe working environment and gets feedback from our staff and host employers. We always are transparent regarding our safety flowchart and strategies.

We have Work cover insurance for each employees/staff working with us. We provide other insurances for our staff as a third party insurance as well.

To know more about our insurance policy please get in touch with us at

MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE wants our dedicated and experience staff to always stick with us and yor host employers, which is why we always take care of staffs/employee promotion and chance for them to stick with us for long term. Our career department always keep record of our current staff performance and provide opportunities for eligible employee to grow and feel like long lasting job opportunity. Since we operator all over Australia and even outside of australis, Our eligible staff don’t have to worry about their location and risk of leaving career with us.

As per our promotion policy, Eligible staff/employees will have opportunities to grow their position/level. Career department will always provide them chance to grow and permanent job offer.

For more information please get in touch with us at

No matter what industry our client or staff are from, Our Administrative department make sure Our staff have relevant certificate and skill to be at that industry. Either from legal restriction, Client preference or MY BEAM CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT policy, We make sure Employee or staff before showing up at your workplace holds Knowledge and appropriate license.

Our Administrative officers encourages our staff to apply and involve on relevant certification and licensing courses either by awarenessing or providing finance support to operate the relevant credentials.

Our Recruitment/HR Department check the legal and work background of an employee before applying with us. Working rights are always the priority check for us to comply with the Australian Immigration department.

Any sponsored employee form foreign countries are always encouraged and treated fairly like other are.

Referral check and resume cross check are conducted before they are hired. We do not tolerate fake resumes and fake referral. We always act on employees adverse decision or behaviour at workplace. Feedback, Awareness are always provided to our current and previous employees about Current Licensing, Health risk and decisions of Our government.

Encouraging staff’s good deeds and unique working style are always kept on our file. Our team member always learn from within and outside the team.

For us staff are our strength and staffing is our business, We make sure our strength and business grows.

FOR ANY MORE DETAILS ABOUT STAFFING, please get in touch with us today at

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