MY BEAM LABOUR (MBL) has its separate Staffing agency to focus on Healthcare and related Hiring and Contracting.

MBL HEALTHCARE STAFFING has provided nurses and home health care professionals to Hospitals, Aged Care, Correctional facilities, and Community and Home services for many years. We have an experienced team of care coordinators who look after our clients and our staff who understand that reliability and excellence in care are critical to the success of our services. We value the relationships we have and we treat each client as an individual, cater specific plans to suit your needs, and provide you with staff that will be a great fit for you.

Aged Care/ Front Line Workers

Organizations employing aged care workers and nurses require their staff to provide exceptional care and assistance to clients and their families, providing comfort and reassurance to those they care for.

We provide candidates for the following positions:



Being a responsible and renowned Labour hire agency, We always take care of our staff payment to make sure our staff feel excited to work with us. We always pay more than the average rate allocated by law to make sure staff will be happy with the pay rate and work with us. We pay our staff in Food Industry on weekly basis with payslip on Monday and pay transfer on Tuesday. Any eligible sub-contractor involved in YOUR INDUSTRY receives pay on fortnightly basis. MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE is transparent to the Payment provided to the allocated staff at your location so that you can trust and never have to doubt if staff is receiving regular and appropriate pay on time.

MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE always implies with current Fair work conditions being a responsible Labour hire. Our Payroll department and HR department make sure, everyone is treated fairly on payment terms.


We care about our staff's safety which is why we always have updated insurance policies for them. We make sure appropriate staff is sent to the relevant jobs.

Our safety department ensures the staff at the workplace is provided with proper safety equipment and dresses to perform the relevant operations at your workplace. Our supervisor if presented at the work site always monitors the safety and PPE condition of other staff. Supervisor if not present, we regularly follow up with our staff to make sure they have a safety first and work later.

Our site supervisor regularly monitors and safe working environment and gets feedback from our staff and host employers. We always are transparent regarding our safety flowchart and strategies.

We have Work cover insurance for each employee/staff working with us. We provide other insurances for our staff as third-party insurance as well.

To know more about our insurance policy please get in touch with us at care@mybeamlabour.com.


MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE wants our dedicated and experienced staff to always stick with us and our host employers, which is why we always take care of staff/employee promotion and a chance for them to stick with us for long term. Our career department always keeps a record of our current staff

performance and provides opportunities for an eligible employee to grow and feel like long-lasting job opportunities. Since we operate all over Australia and even outside of australis, Our eligible staff don’t have to worry about their location and risk of leaving careers with us.

As per our promotion policy, Eligible staff/employees will have opportunities to grow their position/level. Career department will always provide them the chance to grow and a permanent job offer.

For more information please get in touch with us at career@mybeamlabour.com.


No matter what industry our clients or staff are from, Our Administrative department makes sure Our staff has relevant certificates and skills to be in that industry. Either from legal restriction, Client preference, or MY BEAM CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT policy, We make sure Employees or staff before showing up at your workplace holds Knowledge and appropriate license.

Our Administrative officers encourage our staff to apply and involve in relevant certification and licensing courses either by awareness or by providing financial support to operate the relevant credentials.

Our Recruitment/HR Department checks the legal and work background of an employee before applying with us. Working rights are always the priority check for us to comply with the Australian Immigration department.

Any sponsored employee from foreign countries is always encouraged and treated fairly like others are.

Referral checks and resume cross-check are conducted before they are hired. We do not tolerate fake resumes and fake referrals. We always act on employees' adverse decisions or behavior at the workplace. Feedback, Awareness is always provided to our current and previous employees about Current Licensing, Health risk, and decisions of Our government.

Encouraging staff’s good deeds and unique working style are always kept on our file. Our team members always learn from within and outside the team.

For us staff is our strength and staffing is our business, We make sure our strength and business growth.

FOR ANY MORE DETAILS ABOUT STAFFING, please get in touch with us today at Admin@mybeamlabour.com.