Recruitment & HR

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  1. People Data and Analytics

Employee Records-

Manage all your touchy humans records in a single organised, stable database. You will in no way want bulky spreadsheets or cluttered paper documents again. 

 Mobile App-

Modern HR execs want software program which could preserve up with their busy schedules. Our loose cell app offers every person to your organisation clean get admission to to critical MybeamHR capabilities in any respect times. 

 Workflows and Approvals-

Bottlenecks and sluggish approval strategies save you you from making essential selections promptly. MybeamHR comes with pre-constructed workflows so that you can clean out operations and preserve paintings on track. 

 Reporting and Analytics-

MybeamHR reporting and analytics makes reporting effortless, so that you can create and proportion reviews quickly. And with the records yours reviews provide, you may make strategic selections with confidence. 


2. Hiring and Onboarding

Mobile Hiring App-

Hiring high-quality skills is a round the clock job. MybeamHR® Hiring places the energy and pace of the MybeamHR® ATS to your pocket, so that you can rent incredible personnel anytime, anywhere. 

 Applicant Tracking System-

Our recruiting software program offers you the aggressive edge. We`ll assist you preserve your hiring manner transferring quickly, efficiently, and successfully, so that you can consciousness on developing a high-quality candidate experience. 


Create higher first days for brand new hires with digital signatures, customisable pre boarding packages, and clean-to-set-up welcome emails and IT checklists. 


With BambooHR e-signatures, you`ll keep time, money, and trees, and spend extra time specialising in strategic tasks alternatively of having distracted with the aid of using paper jams. 


Plan and execute powerful off-boarding the proper manner whenever, with checklists to make certain compliance and automation that will help you give attention to the person, now no longer the transaction. 

3. Compensation

Time Tracking-

Mybeam HR® Time Tracking frees HR and payroll admins from messy attendance workflows and makes time access a breeze for every person at your organisation. 

 Paid Time Off-

Taking day off is critical. Managing it shouldn't be a hassle. Our worker PTO-monitoring software program is easy and intuitive to use, so paintings can retain with minimum interruption. 


Pay your personnel on time, whenever with fast, clean, and correct payroll incorporated with MybeamHR. 

4. Culture

Employee Satisfaction-

Employee Satisfaction with eNPS® enables you apprehend whether or not personnel might advocate your organisation as a terrific vicinity to paintings and why—or why now no longer. 

 Performance Management-

MybeamHR overall performance appraisal software program cuts to the coronary heart of powerful overall performance management, the usage of some quick questions that inspire movement even as restricting subjectivity and speculation.


Recruitment is a key obligation of the HR department. While HR works in lots of regions inclusive of worker engagement, worker development, statutory compliance, facts control and lots of others, one of the key regions of cognisance for HR is to attract, pick and onboard appropriate applicants for the organisation.


Why will we want the suitable Recruitment and Selection system?

Recruitment is the system of attracting certified applicants for a task function and Selection is the system of figuring out and choosing the proper candidate for that task. 

 The contributions of every worker play a pivotal function with inside the sustenance and increase of an enterprise. Hence it's miles extraordinarily critical to choose the proper man or woman for the task. The equal manner as a rectangular peg does now no longer suit in a spherical hole, a awful lease can have an effect on the general enterprise outcomes. 

 The effect for your enterprise while you lease the incorrect candidate is regularly an awful lot greater than now no longer hiring someone at all! Recruitment isn't always handiest an operational hobby however a key strategic hobby for the enterprise. 

 Hence there's a want for growing a sturdy recruitment and choice system. 

 The proper system displays for your business enterprises professionalism and portrays your organisations adulthood in attracting and hiring the proper expertise. A powerful system enables in introduction of a expertise pool in a proactive manner, accordingly supporting in assembly the medium-time period and long-time period enterprise objectives. 

 Recruiting entails a couple of stakeholders such as senior stage personnel for your business enterprise and may price loads in phrases of time and money. Hence one wishes to make sure that the system is properly described and optimised to fulfil the wishes of all stakeholders.



Enablers of an amazing Recruitment Process:-

A few matters to maintain in thoughts to permit a clean hiring revel in: 

 Integrate process postings with process description-

Create a database of process postings and hyperlink vacancies to properly described process descriptions and skills. This makes it less difficult for the recruiter, the hiring supervisor or even the candidate. 

 Simplify the software procedure-

You need to excite a candidate and promote the process to them. A complicated software procedure places off maximum applicants. The software procedure need to paintings on all gadgets which includes mobiles, permit an unbroken revel in and applicants need to be capable of check in as soon as and publish their resumes to more than one positions. 

 Display process postings for your internet site-

Publish the roles at the profession web page of your internet site at the side of postings on different social platforms. You need to be seen everywhere – specially the social websites wherein a majority of your potential hires spend their time. 

 Manage formerly submitted resumes-

Old submissions frequently get lost. Build a database that lets in clean tagging and searching. Keep song of candidates and tell them of recent positions. 

 Manage your applicants effectively-

Assign interviewers to shortlisted applicants and automatic reminders to applicants and interviewers. 

 Streamline the applicant monitoring procedure-

Allow recruiters to accept, evaluate and control resumes at an unmarried location. 

 Maintain touch points with applicants-

It is crucial to stay in contact with applicants on a periodic basis. They won't have succeeded with inside the current process function they implemented for however can be appropriate with inside the destiny. Keeping in contact with them frequently builds relationships and may lessen the time-to-lease for destiny recruitments each for those candidate as additionally their referrals. 

 Have a sturdy onboarding procedure-

Improve day-one readiness of recent hires with the aid of using seamlessly onboarding new employees. 

 Maintain records at the recruitment procedure-

To iteratively enhance the recruitment and choice procedure, meticulously keep records associated with special components of the procedure. Different recruitment metrics that you could control consist of resumes received, resumes shortlisted, interviews, no-shows, offers, accepts, time-to-lease, time-to-fill and so on. 

 Concluding thoughts-

Selecting the proper worker is a crucial intention for the recruitment crew and setting up the right procedure can decorate the revel in of the Candidate, Interviewer, Hiring Manager and the HR Department. It also can assist growth the effectiveness of your business. 

 HR specialists need to make sure that they observe the right Recruitment and Selection techniques and entice the great body of workers for his or her organisation.