Sales Management:

If you are looking for a recruitment in your sales, marketing teams or any related posts in your company then you probably have been facing some hurdles now and then Viz it's tedious and time consuming.

You might be having problems regarding the staffs and their management Viz :

• Staffs not showing up at work

• Staffs not being punctual

• No pre notice from staffs before leaving the job

• HR department having problems with organising staffs

The market of staffing always create fluctuate creating a lot of pressure on your business whilst not being able to balance required number of eligible staffs on regular basis.

Replacement for the staffs or reducing them can be a tedious work for the company.

As we believe, your company must thrive without the hurdles of staffing and it's management. This is where we enter and help you with all the related stuffs.


• Hiring Staffs

• Paying Staffs

• Taking care of all Insurance needed for our staffs at your work location.

• Safety And Necessary Equipment Needed Will Be Supplied From Us.

• Managing The Number Of Staff Balance At Your Work Place On Daily Basis.

We encourage our staff frequently and solve their problem while working at your work place. Any damages caused by our staff will be our responsibility.

You can now just focus on growth of your company only as we assure you that you won't have to think about staffs management anymore.

We'll be there for you for any kind of Hiring, replacement and management of employees and with just few days of notice you'll get our best experienced, eligible staffs at your company.

No strings attached with the Labourer,no need to pay for unwanted labour when there's no work or contract in your company.

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Sales industry is the most ambulant and changing industry that's affected by almost anything that happens in local or global market. You'll need staffs who are keen on learning and growing day by day and effective personnels that will increase the sales and marketing services of your company, which is what we provide.




MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE has numerous applicants that can work as a top level sales manager as CEO/PRESIDENT, VP SALES/MARKETING .

Our data base shows we have almost (NUMBER) staffs working for this position all over Australia. This position is the most important position of the company which is why we can provide you all the best selected candidates right for this job. We can select hardworking, visionary, competitive individuals that contribute to the growth and development of your company.



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National sales managers, Regional sales managers are paramount part of the company. Finding right individuals for this job might be tough. So here we come and provide with righteous eligible individuals

for this position. MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE will supply you proficient, hard working, consistent, corporate friendly staffs that will help you with your progress of the company.



MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE has more than enough amount of applicants thriving for this particular job position. We provide you with individuals that are actively experienced in the field of

•Area sales

• Branch Managers

Sales Trainee

• Sales person

• Sales representative