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Our Security Services


All of our protection specialists have widespread military, police enforcement, medic, or EMT training, in addition to years of protection expertise. We offer quite a few protection services, including:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Uniformed security:

Retailers, personal and public industry, all lease uniformed safety officials for plenty motives which include their client`s peace of mind. Uniformed safety officials also are skilled to: 

 * Secure the premises and employees with the aid of using patrolling the assets, examining buildings, gadget and get right of entry to points, allowing entry, and tracking surveillance gadget. 

 * Respond to emergencies.

  * Ensure the safety, protection, and health of all employees, visitors, and the premises.  

* Protect client`s property from theft, assault, hearthplace, and different protection issues.

  * Follow strategies such as visitor management, asset protection, accident investigation and fire protection.

 * Complies with local, state, and federal regulations. 

 * Maintain  balance and awareness of a company or organization with the help of criminal law compliance. 

* Complies with  all porters and execution standards.

  * Provide prominent sponsors Blend into the Crowd


Uniformed safety workforce are geared up to address any safety issues. They acquire expert education that meets and exceeds the best enterprise standards. Until a safety crew is assigned to you, our crew of specialists will cautiously compare your belongings to provide you an part in defensive the surroundings and the human beings in it. We apprehend the dangers safety employees take each day. They need to continually be geared up to guard their clients and themselves. 

 Our workforce have enjoy in regulation enforcement, army or safety. Taurus Protection Inc. Our polo blouse with patch. And due to the fact uniform pants deliver our officials a greater fashionable look, they're greater handy to the ones searching for assist than the ones 

 in everyday safety uniforms. Uniformed safety employees may be armed or unarmed relying at the 

 degree of safety required. We have the education, knowledge and enjoy to address any situation. We are a well-oiled gadget managed through safety.



 Executive Protection


To defend themselves from capacity danger, high profile people which include celebrities, VIPs, or company executives lease non-public protection, higher called Executive Protection Agents. The EP agent travels with the consumer and their entourage ensuring to steady all places and running hand in hand with onsite protection to make their employers revel in secure and seamless. 

 Executive Protection Agents should be bendy as their time table adjustments with the consumers priorities. Our sellers had been educated to deescalate annoying conditions that could arise, in addition to reply to emergencies presenting onsite scientific help while needed. But that is handiest a part of what EP experts do. Here is a listing in their different obligations: 

 * Provide non-public safety and different security related functions. 

 * Effectively control consumer requests in opposition to the want to make certain all protection and protection precautions. 

 * Take suitable steps for shielding develop making plans and carry out hazard vulnerability assessments. 

 * Operate and keep shielding, operations, and communications equipment, 

 * Identify and improve deficiencies or failures. 

 * Safely shipping clients; educated in evasive and protecting riding tactics. 

 * Complete administrative obligations inclusive of suspicious interest reports, scientific remedy reports, incident reports, shift logs, and sample of lifestyles reports. 

 * Lead counter surveillance operations. 

 * Assist with safety schedules and group assignments.

We are meticulous in our research 

 Before appointing safety personnel, we carry out a whole evaluation of the client’s needs, which includes itinerary of travel, opportunity routes if necessary, and the quantity of human beings accompanying the client, which includes withinside the case of control or own circle of relatives units. and related danger factors. 

 All of our enforcement safety dealers have huge regulation enforcement or army experience. Advanced schooling lets in you to address 

 greater complicated and evolving situations. Our dealers 


 with the group and exert a diffused deterrent in order to reply straight away to any state of affairs or disaster which could arise.

Event Security


Hotels, concert organizers', individuals and businesses all have  one thing in common. They have to consider many logistical lists when planning an event. This includes hiring security personnel. These trained professionals have a number of responsibilities to ensure the safety of the event venue and everyone inside it. What does event security do? Here are some of the many responsibilities that are commonly assigned to them: 

 * Implementation of new mask and social distancing rules required by state and local regulations, and COVID19 protocols, including body temperature checks.

  * Guest verification (checking tickets, credentials, wallets and other bags). 

 * Patrol the area.

 * Protection of guests, staff and performers.  

* Crowd control issues do not escalate. 

* Provide escorts for lewd guests. 

* Detaining a person or arresting a citizen for violating the  rules or laws of a place. 

* Maintain accurate and detailed records of all cases that may be used in criminal/civil  proceedings. 

 * Direct traffic and parking.


All of our occasion protection workforce has regulation enforcement, military, or seizable protection enjoy and could adapt to the desires of your occasion whether or not it's miles a black tie occasion or one for which a healthy and tie or a polo blouse with get dressed pants can be higher suited. We offer protection for quite a few occasions along with primary company advertising occasions, company workforce occasions, sports activities and entertainment, song venues, county fairs, festivals, concerts, rallies and personal celeb parties. 

 Our workforce is skilled in client service, crowd manipulate and management, wristband checkpoints, pat downs, and wand use. Each protection officer is briefed for his or her function on the occasion and the format of the venue along with places of emergency device and go out plans. Our occasion protection workforce gets the education to deal with the maximum hard and tough incidents that could occur, along with disaster response. This offers 

 customers self assurance that their retailers are geared up to deal with any scenario professionally. 

Let`s take the subsequent occasion to the subsequent stage of protection.

Armed Security


Armed security personnel are employed for a variety of reasons, from protecting personal property to securing business, or as a deterrent, such as when carrying money, jewelery or confidential information. Armed Guards also: 

 * Protect your customer employees, partners or family members. 

 * Alarm and closed circuit television camera monitoring. 

* Provides mobile and walking patrols for safety and security.

  * Detaining persons or arresting citizens for not following the rules and regulations established by the institution. 

* Answer support calls related to criminal activity or other suspected issues


Our armed security guards have a clean and clear image and act with pride and a positive professional image in the public eye. Selection is based on experience and qualifications. Our officers receive essential academic training that exceeds the standards required by California  law.  During  training, our officers learn the basics of different scenarios. Our instructors focus on weapon safety and situational awareness to prepare armed officers for peaceful reduction. At Taurus Protection Inc., we only select officers at the top of their class who serve as an outstanding deterrent to those who may pose problems for our clients.

Patrol Services


You frequently see protection patrol officials at businesses, academic institutions, and public or non-public buildings; they're an imperative a part of the safety system. What are the obligations of a protection patrol officer?

Patrol Officers:

* Control get right of entry to to a non-public commercial enterprise through following unique procedures, inclusive of viewing employees` employer badges, and acquiring and logging visitors` information.

* Lock/unencumber doorways at unique times.

* Check outdoors doorways, windows, entrances and gates, and protection risks on assets.

* Observe and display video cameras, alarm structures even as patrolling the assets or from a table or counter.

* Supervise and steady the premises through carrying out each day constructing inspections.

* Respond to conditions internal a commercial enterprise.

* Walk humans to their cars, offer guidelines and different information, trouble visitors warnings.

* Keep a watch out for vagrants or trespassers and eliminate them off assets.

* Deter crook activity.

* Late night time worker checks. Patrol services can be combined with alarm response and surveillance for better protection.