Mining resources & energy

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If you have MINING RESOURCES AND ENERGY company then you must have been managing larger number of staffs. You might have HR team handling the hiring, rostering, maintaining number of staffs but it all maybe proving tedious and time consuming to find the right candidate for your company.

• Staff Not Showing Up At Work

• Staff Not Being Punctual On Time

• No Proper Notice From Staff For Leaving The Job Can Still Keep Your HR Department On Stress

The market for staffing always fluctuates creating a lot of pressure on your Business to balance Good number of staff on regular basis. Preparing Payroll duties for staff, Paying extra on Work cover, Public liability and other insurances will make the cost of hiring then you pay. Replacing staff when needed or reducing number of staff when not needed can be a really challenging task for your business.

We believe, your company must grow without stressing or fearing of loosing staffs at your workplace. Even if you do not have HR team with your business, all stress comes up-to your team and you. This is the point where we enter and make your business even smoother.


• Hiring Staff

• Paying Staffs Including Super

• Taking Care Of All Insurances Needed For Our Staff At Your Work Location.

• Safety And Necessary Equipment Needed Will Be Supplied From Us.

• Managing The Number Of Staff Balance At Your Work Place On Daily Basis.

We encourage our staff frequently and solve their problem while working at your work place. Any damages caused by our staff will be our responsibility.

You can now relax and focus on production/operation of your factory. You are now assured that you do not have to think about getting more staff when you get big contracts, Because we are there for you. With just few days notice there will be our best and experience staff at your company.

No string attached with the labourer, no need to pay for unwanted labour when no work or contract in your company.

To understand more about why choosing LABOUR HIRE AGENCY click here( direct to why labour hire agency ) To understand more about MY beam labour hire responsibility click here ( direct to why MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE)

Mining industries are always affected by any kinds of changes in local or global market regarding staffing. You need not only staff but those staff who are willing to learn, who already worked before in similar field and who are more consistent on work. Your workplace always need to monitor the number of staff as you might need large number of staff or few number of staff depending upon the production and contract you have.

You need a background checked and staff with work right.


Drillers Offsider


MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE has got numerous applicants applying for this position with experienced and friendly background.

Our database shows we have almost (number) staffs working on this position all over Australia. Our first preference is to send staffs from our book. We can understand the need of number of staffs for your business might fluctuate which is why we are always ready. We make sure the staffs sent to your work for this position are eligible to be there. To understand about the requirements we need from staff for this position please click here. (New page with staffs requirements for this job position)

If you are looking for Drillers Offsider you might need a good friendly crew member as well as hardworking individual. An experienced staff can save your time to teach them the work. We are always aware of the staffs before going to work and sorting their roles. We can always provide you with required individuals or groups as per your notice.

Process Plant Operator:


Operating machines is always a sensitive and knowledgable job to do. After all we don't want to slow down or break down the operating machine you have. Our Machine operator team make sure, they understand safety measures, machine type and operating setting before they are placed for this position. Emergency procedure, Safety guidelines and proper PPE Policy are provided to our staff before they are allocated for this role.



Either you need HR, MR, HC, MC or Van delivery driver, We have staff for you. As per our policy, Their experience is always cross checked and we make sure Truck drivers are eligible to be at this position.



For this position you'll need candidates near to your company's location who have good prospect for permanency. With all the regarding details we'll for sure help you to get the perfect asset for this position.



We have lots of candidates who have already worked in this field and might come in handy with the training of other staffs in your company. If you need such individuals then we're the place to vent on.



MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE works hard to provide quality, start to finish workforce solutions for the engineering, manufacturing and maintenance industries. We can take on any job required, from small projects right through to large infrastructure builds. It's just one of the reasons why we're among the leading engineering recruitment agencies Melbourne has to offer. Our service areas include project management; onsite installation; breakdown maintenance; machinery design, build, and installation; and programmed and preventative maintenance. As your all-in-one provider for labour and recruitment, engineering and construction, our diverse range of services will provide you with unparalleled value, flexibility, and support.