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MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE has been serving over 26 Factories and over 12 Farms all over Australia.

If you have food processing factory, You have been managing large number of staffs and operation on regular basis. Might be you have a systematic HR department

handling Hiring, rostering, maintaining number of staff, But you might still have problem finding right candidate for your business.

-Staff not showing up at work

-Staff not being punctual on time

-No proper notice from staff for leaving the job can still keep your HR department on stress.


The market for staffing always fluctuate creating a lot of pressure on your Business to balance Good number of staff on regular basis.

Preparing Payroll duties for staff, Paying extra on Work cover, Public liability and other insurances will make the cost of hiring then you pay.

Replacing staff when needed or reducing number of staff when not needed can be a really challenging task for your business.


We believe, your company must grow without stressing or fearing of loosing staffs at your workplace. 

Even if you don’t have HR team with your business, all stress comes up-to your team and you.

This is the point where we enter and make your business even smoother.

We take care of :

-Hiring staff

-Paying staffs including super 

-Taking care of all insurances needed for our staff at your work location.

-Safety and necessary equipment needed will be supplied from us.

-Managing the number of staff balance at your work place on daily basis.


We encourage our staff frequently and solve their problem while working at your work place.

Any damages caused by our staff will be our responsibility.


You can now relax and focus on production/operation of your factory.

You are now assured that you don’t have to think about getting more staff when you get big contracts, Because we are there for you.

With just few days notice there will be our best and experience staff at your company.


No string attached with the labourer, no need to pay for unwanted labour when no work or contract in your company.


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Food processing industries are always the first industry being affected by any up and down in the market regarding staffing. 

You need not only staff but those staff who are willing to learn, who already worked before in similar field and who are more consistent on work.

Your workplace always need to monitor the number of staff as you might need large number of staff or few number of staff depending upon the production and

contract you have.


You need a background checked and staff with work right.

Food safety and the staff with proper knowledge of food safety are important.

EITHER you need:



MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE have process and assembly workers In huge number, We always receive large number of application for this job. Our data base shows

we have almost 560+ staff working on this position all over Australia.

Our first preference is to send employee/ staff from our book. We can understand the need of number of staff for your business might fluctuate which is why we are

always ready.

We make sure the staff send to your work for this position are eligible to be there. To understand about the requirement we need from staff for this position please

click here.( new page with staff requirement for this position).


If you need process worker for :- sorting - You need staff with good eye site, best reflex and strength. An experience staff can save your time to teach them the work.

We always aware our staff before going to work about sorting role.

packing- In a fast face environment packing position need staff who are quick and effective. After all you need staff to be along the speed of fruit coming frequency. 

picking- For any food/fruit packing industry, the first job is picking. The more effective staff you have for picking, the more the speed of your factory work are. Fast,

strong, good eye site and consistent staff are needed to be working on field/farm. We will have group of eligible team to perform picking job for your FRUIT FARM.

box making- A trained or experienced staff knows box making is a vital task for a packing shed or factory. 

Assembling- Either you need staff to assemble the packed boxes or need someone to label the boxes, we got you covered.

We are the best Labour hire agency to supply above field’s staffs.




MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE always supplies, Physically fit, Hard, and the smart working group of staff for this role. As for this role, staff have to be attentive and reliable,

We make sure our staff have good knowledge about palletizing. All safety requirements from our side for this role will be covered.


Operating food processing machines is always a sensitive and knowledgeable job to do. After all we don’t want to slow down or break down the operating machine

you have. Our Machine operator team makes sure, they understand safety measures, machine type and operating setting before they are placed for this position.

The emergency procedure, Safety guidelines, and proper PPE Policy are provided to our staff before they are allocated for this role.


Whether you need Cleaner to clean your factory, office, outside premises, Toilet & bathrooms before or after Factory work staff, We have best cleaner for you.

Proper Cleaning instruction and equipment are provided to them. Being a cleaning business holder previously, MY BEAM PTY LTD understand the importance

of executing good cleaning in food processing industries. You might need cleaner to clean the dropped fruits/foods on floor during factory operating time, we got

you covered.



An experienced and licensed forklift driver is needed for this role. We make sure, the forklift driver is eligible to be at your workplace. Reference check and previous

work history check is always executed before sending our staff for this position. 



Either you need HR, MR, HC, MC, or a Van delivery driver, We have staff for you. As per our policy, Their experience is always cross-checked and we make sure Truck

drivers are eligible to be at this position.


MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE works hard to provide quality, start-to-finish workforce solutions for the engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance industries. We can

take on any job required, from small projects right through to large infrastructure builds. It’s just one of the reasons why we’re among the leading engineering

recruitment agencies Melbourne has to offer. Our service areas include project management; onsite installation; breakdown maintenance; machinery design, build,

and installation; and programmed and preventative maintenance. As your all-in-one provider for labor and recruitment, engineering, and construction, our diverse

range of services will provide you with unparalleled value, flexibility, and support.


MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE partners with many renowned and experience IT Technician companies. We can always refer you to our technical groups. They will

make sure they cover all your IT-related field needed for your company.

For more details please click here.(email to admin@mybeamlabour.com)



We offer a wide range of Traders for your factory:-




MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE has been providing administrative staff to 18+ Companies within Australia. We offer the following staff Administrative roles:


We will be there for you. We will have stand-by staff ready to be deployed when necessary.

We will be regularly balancing the number of staff needed.

All Quality controllers, Team leader, Supervisors or even managers will have experience and relevant certificate necessary to be eligible to work with you.




Being a responsible and renowned Labour hire agency, We always take care of our staff payment to make sure our staff feel excited to work with us.

We always pay more than the average rate allocated by law to make sure staff will be happy with the pay rate and work with you.


We pay our staff in Food Industry on weekly basis with pay slip on Monday and pay transfer on Tuesday.

Any eligible  sub-contractor involved in FOOD INDUSTRY receives pay on fortnightly basis.

 MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE is transparent to the Payment provided to the allocated staff at your location, so that you can trust and never have to doubt if staff are

receiving regular and appropriate pay on time.


MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE always implies with current Fair work condition being a responsible Labour hire. 

Our Payroll department and HR department make sure, every one is treated fairly on payment terms.



We care about our staff safety which is why we always have updated insurance policy for them. We make sure appropriate staff is send to relevant job.

Our safety department ensure the staff at the work place is provided proper safety equipment and dresses to perform relevant operation at your workplace.

Our supervisor if presented at the work site always monitors the safety and PPE condition of other staffs.

Supervisor if not presented, we regularly follow up with our staff to make sure they have safety first and work later.


Our site supervisor regularly monitors and safe working environment and gets feedback from our staff and your company.

We always are transparent to your company regarding our safety flowchart and strategies.


We have Work cover insurance for each employees/staff working with us.

We provide other insurances for our staff as a third party insurance as well.


To know more about our insurance policy please get in touch with us at care@mybeamlabour.com.




MY BEAM LABOUR HIRE wants our dedicated and experience staff to always stick with us and your company, which is why we always take care of staffs/employee

promotion and chance for them to stick with us for long term.

Our career department always keep record of our current staff performance and provide opportunities for eligible employee to grow and feel like long lasting job


Since we operator all over Australia and even outside of australis, Our eligible staff don’t have to worry about their location and risk of leaving career with us.


As per our promotion policy, Eligible staff/employees will have opportunities to grow their position/level. Career department will always provide them chance to

grow and permanent job offer.

For more information please get in touch with us at career@mybeamlabour.com.




No matter what industry our client or staff are from, Our Administrative department make sure Our staff have relevant certificate and skill to be at that industry.

Either from legal restriction, Client preference or MY BEAM CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT policy, We make sure Employee or staff before showing up at

your workplace holds Knowledge and appropriate license.

Our Administrative officers encourages our staff to apply and involve on relevant certification and licensing courses either by awareness or providing finance

support to operate the relevant credentials.


Our Recruitment/HR Department check the legal and work background of an employee before applying with us. Working rights are always the priority check for us

to comply with the Australian Immigration department.

Any sponsored employee form foreign countries are always encouraged and treated fairly like other are.


Referral check and resume cross check are conducted before they are hired. We do not tolerate fake resumes and fake referral.

We always act on employees adverse decision or behavior at workplace. Feedback, Awareness are always provided to our current and previous employees about

Current Licensing, Health risk and decisions of Our government.


Encouraging staff’s good deeds and unique working style are always kept on our file.

Our team member always learn from within and outside the team.


For us staff are our strength and staffing is our business, We make sure our strength and business grows.


FOR ANY MORE DETAILS ABOUT STAFFING, please get in touch with us today at Admin@mybeamlabour.com.

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